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Hands On March 2015

Issue 3 and Volume 40.

High-Quality Body Camera

At many points in your EMS career you’ve probably been in situations where you needed to show how you found a patient, prove a patient was unruly or protect yourself from false accusations. Tested and already implemented in law enforcement agencies around the country, the VIEVU2 Level Body Worn Camera from VIEVU LLC records and streams high-quality video directly to a user’s smartphone. It features a high-dynamic microphone, three video quality settings, 16 GB of internal storage and 802.11 Wi-Fi live video streaming. It’s waterproof and also has an easy one-switch design for quick activation, even while wearing gloves. The compatible VIEVU mobile app controls camera settings, transfers videos from the camera to a smartphone, trims video length, and monitors the camera’s battery life and storage capacity.


Size: 1.9″ × 1.9″ × .75″

Weight: 2.4 oz.

Price: $349.99



Sound Amplifier

The world of EMS is a noisy environment. With all the sounds going on at an emergency scene and in the ambulance, it’s often difficult to communicate, let alone use a stethoscope to hear what’s going on inside your patient. The SPUD (Sound Pick-Up Device) from STi Products is an electronic stethoscope able to detect the specific sounds EMTs may look for without the interference of other internal body sounds. It uses floating mass microphone stabilization and a combination of mechanical and airspace resonance to augment sounds. The diaphragm is fitted with a heavy mass where the pickup device is mounted. The SPUD can be used with any 3.5 mm-jack headset, or STi’s own stethoscope-style headset.


Price: $99.95



Powerful & Compact Power Supply

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could carry a device in a backpack, computer case, jump kit or uniform pocket that would not only charge the portable devices you carry but have the power to jump-start your vehicle? The Micro-Start XP-10 from Antigravity Batteries is ideal for both personal use or as an emergency power supply for your ambulance. This small, high-powered lithium-ion power pack has a 300 amp–600 peak amp jump-start ability—it can jump-start a V8 truck or diesel motor up to 8 liters. It also features a 19-volt output for laptops, 12-volt standard output port, a 5-volt USB port and a high-powered LED flashlight with two flash patterns. The XP-10 kit includes a leather carrying case, mini jumper clamps and cables to charge various portable devices.


Size: 9.0″ × 3.0″ × 1.25″

Weight: 18 oz.

Price: $209.99



Repurposing Bunker Gear

Do you or someone you know have an old set of turnout gear laying around? Niki Rasor, owner of Firefighter Turnout Bags (FFTOB), repurposes turnout gear and turns it into something useful. FFTOB offers a variety of handmade products: Messenger bags, backpacks, purses, diaper bags, wine bottle carriers, aprons and stockings are just some of the items they create using your old gear. They also create memorial bags for families to remember deceased loved ones. FFTOB sells ready-made bags and can customize a product you mail in to them; they also accept donations of used gear.


Price: See website for products and prices



Fast-Acting Glucose Gel

In EMS we see our share of diabetics. Glucose gels work well, but they’re often messy, and patients usually hate the taste, adding to the time it takes to consume the whole tube. The new Microdot Glucose Gel from Cambridge Sensors USA is not only easy to use with no mess, but it really does taste good—I tried it for the sake of journalistic integrity. Each box contains three 37.5-gram tubes with a 15-gram dose of rapidly adsorbing glucose gel, meeting the American Diabetes Assocaition’s recommended dosage. The easy-squeeze tube ensures you’re giving the patient a precise dose and the gel is fast absorbing, helping to rapidly boost your hypoglycemic patient’s blood sugar levels in an emergency.


Price: Call for price



Portable CPR Manikins

As a CPR instructor, I’ve worked in some pretty nice classrooms. However, when you have to take your show on the road, it can be difficult to haul manikins to locations. The Prestan Professional Ultralite Manikin from Prestan Products is lightweight, easy to set up and extremely portable. The manikins come packaged in a convenient four-pack, are anatomically correct, easy to clean, vinyl and latex free, and are guaranteed to last for 500,000 compressions. The manikin allows for realistic head tilt, has visible chest rise with lung bags and allows for full 2″ compression depth. The four-pack comes with a nylon carrying case and detachable shoulder strap.


Weight: 13lbs.

Price: Call for price