Utah Truck Driver Burned by Sulfuric Acid

SALT LAKE CITY – Sue Turley and Raquel Sever received a phone call Tuesday they never expected. They learned their sister’s husband, Joshua Schade, had been in a terrible accident on the job.

“We really don’t know exactly what happened at this point,” Sever said.

Although the investigation is ongoing, they do know some of the details. Their brother-in-law was transporting sulfuric acid for Basin Western Trucking Company to Delta on Tuesday. When he went to unload it, something went horribly wrong.

“It poured all the way down his body, from his head all the way down,” Turley said.

They said first responders took him to a hospital for decontamination, then he was flown to University Hospital’s burn center.

Schade has already undergone one skin graft surgery with more planned.

“They keep reminding (my sister) he’s in very critical condition and they don’t want to give her the impression that he’s definitely going to make it home,” Turley said.

Turley said Schade began the job only a few weeks ago and was excited because the schedule allowed him to spend more time with his family. Now they’re hoping the 29-year-old father will get that time.

“We’re just trying to be hopeful and have faith that he’ll make it,” Sever said.

“My sister has said so many times she doesn’t care what he looks like,” added Turley. “She doesn’t want him in pain, and she just wants to have her husband.”

“Everyone is hoping and praying for Josh and his family at this time,” said Lloyd Dean, a spokesman for Western Basin Trucking Company.

Dean said the company is conducting its own investigation to determine what happened.

The family has set-up a gofundme account at and an account at America First Credit Union under the name Joshua Schade to help with some of the immediate expenses they’re facing.

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