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FDNY EMS Wins JEMS Games 2015

BALTIMORE, MD, February 28, 2015: PennWell Corporation and the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) today announced the winning teams in the 2015 JEMS Games competition held during the EMS Today Conference & Exposition, a PennWell event. The conference is a leader in providing quality education for emergency medical services (EMS) worldwide.

The JEMS Games are held annually as a special event at the EMS Today Conference & Exposition. Teams of three from across the country, and world, compete in patient care scenarios that test their skills as EMS professionals.

The goal of the JEMS Games is to present a fun, challenging and educational experience for emergency medical personnel that results in participants being better prepared for the challenges they encounter in the field. The competition introduces its participants to new technologies and techniques that can be used to manage patients of all levels of criticality.

The scenario of the 2015 JEMS Games challenged teams to care for five patients of a helicopter crash occurring in a residential neighborhood. Three patients (including a baby) were directly affected by the damage caused by the crash, while 2 additional patients were surprises for the competing teams and presented after the nine minute mark of the challenge. Time was called at the 17-minute mark after which the lead paramedic had one minute to gather information from his crew and subsequently provide a hospital report over the microphone in the remaining two minutes.

The 2015 JEMS Games winning teams:

  • The 1st Place (gold medal) team: FDNY EMS (NY)
  • The 2nd Place (silver medal) team: Boca Raton Fire Rescue Team B (FL)
  • The 3rd Place (bronze medal) team: Cumberland County EMS (NC)


FDNY Team Wins JEMS Games Competition

“PennWell, JEMS, and all those involved with the EMS Today Conference and Exposition would like to congratulate our 2015 winners on a job well done,” said A.J. Heightman, editor-in-chief of JEMS. “We are thrilled to host the JEMS Games each year as I believe they are greatly valuable for not only the hands-on, challenging experience participants are engaged in, but also the learning opportunity they provide for all those watching. The competition allows EMS professionals to share their expertise and techniques with groups from around the world, resulting in higher quality care for us all.”

YouTube video courtesy of Leslie Lee


23 teams participated in the JEMS Games preliminaries held on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at the EMS Today Conference and Expo. The top three teams then competed in the final round on Friday evening, February 27, 2015. The remaining teams that competed in the 2015 JEMS Games Preliminaries included:

  • Bensalem EMS (PA)
  • Centre LifeLink EMS (PA)
  • Empress (NY)
  • FirstHealth’s Regional EMS System (SC)
  • Harpur’s Ferry (NY)
  • Harris County Emergency Corps EMS Team (TX)
  • HGH EMS Rescue (NV)
  • London Ambulance (GB)
  • Lucas County EMS (OH)
  • Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services (MD)
  • Saint Francis Hospital EMS Team 1 & 2 (DE)
  • Surry County Emergency Services (NC)
  • Sussex County EMS (DE)
  • Team New Zealand (AUT University) (NZ)
  • United Voice Queensland (AU)
  • Virtua EMS (NJ)
  • Wilson County Emergency Medical Services (NC)


The final competition held on Friday granted show attendees continuing education based on the scenario presented and accompanying mini-lectures held between each round of participation. The EMS Today Conference & Expo provides training that is essential to professional success, and the JEMS Games brings that training to life.

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