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Michael Baker Talks about Tough Questioning at EMS Today

Michael Baker, B.U.S., NRP, chief of EMS for the Tulsa Fire Department, Joseph Fitch, PhD, of Fitch and Associates, and Jeremy Mothershed, chief of the Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps, presented a session designed to prepare your fire chief and department for the future. “20 Answers for 20 Questions” addressed issues facing many departments when confronted with a consultant report seeking information on their response effectiveness.

In this panel session, the group stressed the importance of improving the collection of response information, evaluating new ways of operations efficiency and developing processes to improve the overall performance of fire service agencies.

Some additional points presented by the panel include:

  • Understanding the concept of benchmarking and performance measurement.
  • Ensuring the right resources are deployed effectively.
  • Addressing fire versus EMS response service demand issues.
  • How does the fire service account for their portion of the municipal budget.