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Michael Baker Discuss ALS Redeployment at EMS Today

Michael Baker, B.U.S., NRP, Chief of EMS for the Tulsa Fire Department, presented the topic Rethinking Fire Service ALS Deployment and asked the question, “Are we sending the right response at the right time to the right event?”

Michael’s session looked at the history of fire service EMS deployment and how a variety of approaches are taken to deploy apparatus on EMS responses across the nation.  Michael stressed that as the nation’s healthcare system rapidly evolves and evidence based response research is compiled the need for an effective EMS response is required by the modern fire service.

Additional key points Michael presented were:

  • Local government initiatives to improve operations efficiencies may force unexpected changes on the fire service.
  • Adapting to the new normal of fire service response is often difficult.
  • Fire departments have successfully demonstrated alternatives to the standard EMS response paradigm.
  • The collection of response data and information are critical to program success.