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Peter O’Meara Gives an Introduction to Community Paramedicine at EMS Today 2015

Peter O’Meara, PhD, discussed community paramedicine programs with an international panel at EMS Today 2015. He focused on the questions, “How and why they are emerging all over the world?” O’Meara, from Australia, Mike Nolan, from Canada, and Gary Wingrove, from the U.S., will talked about the philosophy and aims behind community paramedicine programs, what they do, who they benefit, funding options and more.

Some additional key points made by O’Meara were:

  • Community paramedicine is emerging throughout the world in response to ageing populations and health system stresses.
  • Successful community paramedicine models are paramedic centered, engaged with local communities, and intergrated with health systems.
  • Emerging challenges for community paramedicine include the appropriate education of providers, clinical governance and securing sustainable funding.