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Jon Puryear Presents on Capnography “Surfin the Waveform” at EMS Today 2015

Jon Puryear, NRP, a nationally known educator from hosting live and recorded online refresher/CE courses, presented on the important usage of capnography on both intubated and nonintubated patients helping you diagnose and treat your patients.

Jon stressed the need for every level of certification/licensure to utilize capnography on intubated and nonintubated patients. Capnography is standard of care for any intubated patient to identify if your endotracheal tube is properly placed in the trachea or improperly placed in the esophagus. Also, he taught how capnography would assist you in diagnosing your patient’s condition, properly treating your patient, and to identify if your current treatment methods were working or not.

He also had many capnography machines in his presentation which students had opportunities for “hands-on” usage to solidify their learning experience.

Some additional key points Jon made were:

  • Normal physiology of respiration utilizing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.
  • Relating the normal physiology of respiration to the normal capnograph.
  • Explained the abnormal capnograph waveforms and their possible causes and treatments.
  • How to utilize capnograph to guide your full arrest patients and ROSC.
  • Discussed how capnograph could be utilized to assist in the determination of an in-field pronouncement.