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John Dugan and Peter O’Brien Discuss STEMI Recognition at EMS Today 2015

John Dugan, BS, NREMT-P, and Pete O’Brien, MD, FACC, tag teamed a presentation on STEMI recognition.

After a brief review of the current science around the importance around the old mantra “time is tissue,” John began presenting 12-lead ECG’s. The participants had 15 seconds to use audience response technology to answer whether or not they felt the ECG was a STEMI or not. During each case, O’Brien would answer questions and expand on what current AHA/ACC guidelines recommend and would dig deep with the knowledge of an experienced cardiologist.

Some of the key points John and Peter covered were:

  • LBBB is not necessarily a reason to activate the STEMI system.
  • Early 12-lead acquisition is imperative for timely reperfusion. This means on scene in grandma’s house whenever possible.
  • BLS providers have the ability to acquire 12-leads and should work with their system to make sure they can.
  • EMS is the key to timely reperfusion and obtaining First Medical contact to Balloon (FMC2B) times within 90 minutes.