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Highlights from 2015 EMS State of the Science Gathering of Eagles – Part 1

This week, JEMS Editor-in-Chief A.J. Heightman is in attendance at the 2015 EMS State of the Science Gathering of Eagles Conference in Dallas, Texas. Often dubbed, the “Eagles Retreat,” medical directors from major populations in the United States and several other countries attend and engage in lively roundtable discussions of issues being confronted in their systems. This information is valuable for EMS systems of any size to review, consider and address.

JEMS Coverage of 2015 Gathering of Eagles
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The group assembled for the retreat have already discussed new ways that Narcan is being deployed by BLS providers in the field and concerns over the DEA rewriting rules associated with the Controlled Substance Act. ACEP, NAEMSP and the Eagles are being consulted and opportunities to comment on these rules will be made available this summer.

Stay tuned for updates from A.J. and JEMS as we bring you the best from Eagles.

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