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EagleMed Marks Fifth Year of Ground Ambulance Operations in Oklahoma City

EagleMed critical care air medical transport company is commemorating the fifth anniversary of establishing ground ambulance operations in the Oklahoma City area. EagleMed operates a ground ambulance in the city exclusively to provide such transportation to and from fixed wing and helicopter critical care air medical transports that serve the area’s hospitals.

Three EagleMed ground ambulance personnel in Oklahoma City, who joined the company at the beginning of the local ground operations, are also celebrating five-year anniversaries with EagleMed. The experienced trio, who all hold Emergency Medical Technician status, also serve as EagleMed ground ambulance drivers in the area.

Recognized for five years of continuous service as experienced and professional ground ambulance personnel in the Oklahoma City area are Bruce Alexander Sr., Matt Gibson and Ryan McWhorter. Alexander has participated in more than 1,400 missions, Gibson more than 600 and McWhorter more than 300.

“Bruce Alexander Sr., Matt Gibson and Ryan McWhorter form the core of EagleMed’s Oklahoma City ground ambulance operation and we are tremendously proud of these individuals and pleased to recognize their contributions, tenure and service to patients in need and the medical community,” said EagleMed President Larry Bugg.

EagleMed LLC
EagleMed LLC, headquartered in Wichita, Kan., is a privately owned and operated critical care air medical and ground transport service. A subsidiary of Air Medical Group Holdings Inc., EagleMed has provided safe, excellent patient care to patients and communities in the Midwest for more than 30 years. EagleMed has more than 475 highly trained employees and operates an extensive fleet of 14 medically equipped Airbus AS350 B2/B3 helicopters, 20 Beechcraft King Air fixed-wing aircraft, and six ground ambulances in 13 States. For more information, please visit

Recognized Excellence
EagleMed leverages technology through its web-based Learning Management System and IS-BAO registered Baldwin SMSlite system to deliver regulatory, aircraft-specific, air medical resource management, SMS, risk management, just culture, threat and error management, OSHA safety compliance training and safety report data tracking and analysis.

EagleMed maintains a technologically advanced Communications Center with satellite tracking and communications for 24/7 oversight and medical direction and dispatch provided by a cadre of emergency physicians and highly trained communication staff that are certified emergency medical technicians. EagleMed’s expert medical teams have the highest standards in the industry.

Safety Focus
The company’s fleet operations are recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and ARGUS International for excellence. The company was recently awarded a Platinum Rating by well-known and recognized ARGUS International, based on pilot qualifications and a comprehensive on-site safety audit of EagleMed’s aviation and maintenance operations.

It is the highest rating for safety by the global leader in aviation safety ratings. EagleMed is the largest air medical company and one of only two programs with this coveted rating.

EagleMed is also one of a select few air medical service providers to reach Level 3 of the voluntary FAA Safety Management System. EagleMed is also proud of being accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), the gold standard for air medical transport companies.

CAMTS is an independent, non-profit agency, which audits and accredits fixed-wing and rotary wing air medical transport services as well as ground inter-facility critical care services in the U.S. to a set of industry-established criteria.

EagleMed’s senior aviation, maintenance, and safety leadership has a combined total of more than 150 years of aviation operational experience. Recognized as a leader in the industry, the organization and its employees received the 2013 Chairman’s Award and the 2010 President’s Award for Leadership and Safety from the Association of Air Medical Services. EagleMed also received the 2011 Safety Award from the Helicopter Association International, Best Practice in Just Culture from CAMTS, and the 2012 Pilot of the Year Award from the National EMS Pilots Association.

EagleMed’s experienced and proficient team of commercial instrument rated rotor and Airline Transport Pilot rated fixed wing pilots undergo extensive hands-on training every six months including FlightSafety International simulation training.

About AirMedCare

EagleMed is a membership-supported air ambulance service that is part of the AirMedCare Network. AirMedCare is America’s largest air medical transport membership network, providing emergency access to the highest levels of care for its 1.5 million subscribers. The AirMedCare Network combines the membership programs of four leading air ambulance operators: EagleMed, REACH, Air Evac Lifeteam and Med-Trans Corporation. For more information about memberships, visit