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Hands On January 2015

Issue 1 and Volume 40.

Reduce Injuries, Improve Wellness & Boost Morale

Fit Responder Fitness from Fit Responder is the first and only fitness, wellness and injury prevention program developed and designed specifically for emergency medical providers. Based on the National Association of EMTs’(NAEMT) recommended fitness guidelines, Fit Responder has developed a scientifically valid and evidence-based fitness program. Fit Responder is Web-based and includes a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. With more than 1,000 ready-to-go workouts, Fit Responder Fitness guides you through each routine with images, tips, video and audio coaching. Log reps, sets, weight and cardio tracking keep your exercise history at your fingertips. Take before and after photos and perform important body stat calculations such as body fat percentage, body mass index, healthy weight and target heart rate with ease. The Share Workout feature allows you to share workouts and challenge family and friends as well.

Price: $14.00 a month or $130.00 for a year (department rates available)


Cutting Power When You Need It

A standard pair of EMS scissors is great when you need to cut clothing off of your patient. However, they don’t do a very good job of cutting through tough items and you usually need to grab another tool for the job. Shear Power shears from Emergency Medical International are safe enough for patient use and tough enough for all kinds of cutting jobs. Shear Power can easily cut through wire, cables, seat belts, leather boots, tin, aluminum and much more; the blades are hardened stainless steel. The spring-loaded, non-slip rubber handle is comfortable to use and gives you added torque with minimal effort. The thumb-operated lock is easy to use and ensures the handle stays locked when stored. Shear Power shears can be carried in the first responder holster for quick access.

Size: 7.5″
Weight: 4 oz.
Price: $10.50


Secure Data Transfer

Using a mobile device to transfer data has come a long way over the years. While getting key information to the receiving facility as early as possible has improved patient outcomes, one of the biggest obstacles encountered by EMS is making sure that protected patient information is sent securely. Harbinger from Novum Concepts is a mobile app that can be used anywhere to send any image via smartphone to the receiving hospital. Decrease door to balloon times by sending 12-lead ECGs. Provide trauma teams with valuable rescue scene photos, or even send information ahead to help speed up the registration process. Harbinger is fully HIPAA compliant and meets the strictest security guidelines for patient health information data transmission. Services download the app, currently available for iOS devices only, and the receiving hospitals purchase the Hospital Base app, which requires a house install and monthly subscription.

Price: Call for price




Warmth, Comfort & Protection

Here we are again; it’s January. If you’re like me, you live in an area where the temperatures are pretty cold right now. It can be hard sometimes to dress warm enough for the wintertime elements but not too warm that you’re baking inside a building or in the back of the ambulance. The EMSRESCUE Jacket from Globe is a lightweight, waterproof, windproof jacket that also provides you with the protection you need from blood, body fluids and chemicals. The CROSSTECH EMS fabric lining resists body fluids and is breathable. Handwarmer pockets and an optional fleece liner can be added for warmth in colder temperatures, and the jacket can be customized with radio pockets, patches, holders, clips, reinforcements, reflective trim and other options as well.

Sizes: Chest and sleeve in both men’s and women’s patterns Price: Call for price


A Must-Have “Rescue” Tool

When I’m at work one of my favorite tools is my Halligan Bar. There are very few things you can’t get into with this versatile tool that has become a mainstay in the rescue industry. When I’m not at work and in need of a cold beverage, the Halligan Bar Bottle Opener from Halligan Bottle Openers is the tool for the job. It’s compact and durable and comes with a nickel-plated finish. Preorders are available for openers in red or tactical black. This would be a great gift idea for any first responder.

Size: 6″
Weight: 6 oz.
Price: $10.00 (nickel-plated); $11.00 (red or tactical black)


Disposable Infant Resuscitator

Having the right-sized equipment is always a challenge when it comes to treating children. Let’s face it, your anxiety level goes up—you might not be used to dealing with infants and your equipment needs to be easy to use and reliable. You also want to be able to monitor your treatment and make adjustments as needed. The Neo-Tee Infant T-Piece Resuscitator from Mercury Medical is the first and only disposable t-piece resuscitator on the market. The Neo-Tee allows you to provide positive pressure ventilation with the assistance of a built-in monitor, giving you in-line viewing of the delivered airway pressure. Also, color coded controls and meters make monitoring and use easy. It’s flow controlled and pressure limited. There’s no bag to squeeze and no additional equipment needed for your ambulance. Neo-Tee also gives you the ability to measure peak inspiratory pressue as well as positive end expiratory pressure.

Price: Call for price