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Lower the Cost of Operations for Your Agency

Driver & Vehicle Monitoring Lower Agency Costs.

Improving your EMS operations with Ferno ACETECH.

Before LeFlore Co. EMS installed ACETECH in its fleet, the county-run agency was spending about $80,000 a year on maintenance costs alone.   Since installing Ferno’s vehicle intelligence solution, the agency has realized a 25% percent decrease in maintenance costs, one of the top three most expensive line-items to the annual budget.

“We are defined by Medicare as ‘Super Rural,’ which means we have limited means, limited resources and limited dollars,” said David Grovdahl, EMS Director.  “We have to make sure every tax dollar is being used to the best of its ability and stretch it as far as it can go.”

By monitoring the health of the vehicle as well as driver behavior, emergency providers are able to begin coaching and training vehicle operators to drive safer and smarter.  The system audibly encourages drivers to stay within safer limits of speed, braking, and acceleration, and it limits idling.  The data is then transmitted in real-time via a cellular signal for web-based viewing and reporting.

Located in eastern Oklahoma, LeFlore Co. EMS covers 1500 square miles with a fleet of just seven ambulances.  Prior to installing ACETECH, the agency relied upon a dispatcher’s best judgment on what crew to send to what call.

“Now we have the ability to do an overlay, to look at a crew and movement in real time and decide who is closest.  Back in the day, we would do it as the crow flies, which didn’t account for road closures, or vehicles in movement from one location to another.” said Grovdahl.    

Not only has the system improved response times, which could be as long as 40 minutes, it has saved the agency in cases of power outages and preventative maintenance that if gone unnoticed, would have taken the vehicle out of service for several weeks.

“One of the things that ACETECH does is monitor battery performance and engine maintenance codes.  The system then allows for text messages of those codes that can be sent to a maintenance supervisor to say we need to take action before the vehicle breaks down or won’t start on the way to a call,” said John Kustuch, ACETECH Integration Consultant for Ferno.

“In the middle of the night, if we lose power at the station, no one knows because they’re asleep.  I’ll get a text in the middle of the night saying the power is dead to the ambulance, and call the crew to have them check,” said Grovdahl.

Monitoring and altering driving behaviors has been one of the biggest and most impactful benefits to the system – what Grovdahl calls “ah-ha” moments.  

“Prior to implementation, a 50,000 mile tire would get about 25,000 miles before we had to replace them.  After ACETECH, we got 55,000 miles out of a set of new tires.  Same with brake pads and rotors.  Driver behavior changed almost immediately.”

The ACETECH system gives drivers a warning before penalizing, so the emphasis is on education and safety.  At the end of the month, Grovdahl would post each driver’s report so everyone saw where they stood among their peers.  The end result was a complete culture shift.

Says Grovdahl, “If you’re looking at ACETECH, get ready because you are going to have that ah-ha moment too.  We all know as administrators that driver behavior is less than what we want it to be.  I have actually achieved an honest to goodness change in my system, and it has maintained itself.” Ferno ACETECH gives drivers and administrators the input they need for safer driving, greater uptime, and better operations.

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