D.C. Firefighter in Patient Death, Fired

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – A D.C. firefighter is being fired, but the department says it has nothing to do with his involvement in the January death of 77-year-old man who received no help from a fire station across the street.

Cecil Mills died Jan. 25 after suffering a heart attack in a small shopping center in the 1300 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE. Onlookers had rushed to a D.C. fire station right across the street, but no one ever came out to help Mills, who had to wait until an ambulance was flagged down by a police officer.

Remy Jones was the first person with whom the onlookers spoke. An internal report stated that he should have pulled an alarm, but instead told fellow firefighters what was happening. Those firefighters never responded.

Jones received a 24-hour suspension without pay for his role.

The fire department stressed his termination is not related to what happened to Mills, but would not say what the reason was. A source tells ABC 7 News it was because Jones was accused of missing work without an excuse.

Since Jones is a new firefighter, he is on probation and can be fired far more easily than those who have been with the department longer.

ABC 7 went to Jones’ last known address, where a woman said he no longer lived there. We later received a call from Jones’ mother, Kisha Huffman, who told us she did not think what was happening to her son was just. Huffman says since her son’s termination is not yet complete, he is not allowed to speak publicly. She says she can’t speak for him, but spoke from her perspective as his mother.

Huffman told us her son has received death threats since Mills’ death. She says the previous fire chief, Kenneth Ellerbe, had made her son see a psychologist, and it was under the psychologist’s advice that Jones didn’t go to work as scheduled.