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AMBARA Announces New Linkedin Group for EMS Financial Account Professionals

Sponsored by AMBARA, the Ambulance/EMS A/R & Revenue Cycle Management Discussion Group has recently been established on LinkedIn. 

This group is designed to offer a forum and resource for professionals in the ambulance and EMS financial field, helping them increase cash flow & reduce costs associated with accounts receivable management.

Members are encouraged to discuss anything related to EMS/ambulance accounts receivable, revenue cycle management, or any other topic pertinent to improving provider cash flow, cost reductions.

About AMBARA Ambulance Accounts Receivable Analysis, LLC

AMBARA has been established to assist Ambulance, EMS, and Medical Transport companies, in fulfilling their mission to cultivate financial stability, and accountability, through the capture and sharing of Accounts Receivable (A/R) data. AMBARA’s goal is to help establish A/R and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) benchmarks. Visit for more information.