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Fisdap Partners with ArchieMD to Provide Medrills Training Videos

Fisdap, the specialists in online tools for EMS education, has partnered with ArchieMD, a leading producer of visually-based health science education. This new partnership enables Fisdap to host the Archie MD Medrills videos for EMT and paramedic students directly through the Fisdap website.

Medrills training videos combine 3D animation and skills simulations for an immersive learning environment for EMT and Paramedic students.

Medrills training videos follow NREMT guidelines for EMTs and Paramedics. EMT Medrills include videos, such as Primary Survey, Cardiac Emergencies and Soft Tissue Trauma. The Paramedic Medrills videos cover the more advanced material with videos like Hypovolemic Shock, Obtaining IV Access, and Needle Chest Decompression. Paramedic students can purchase access to both collections for BLS and ALS skills.

President and CEO of Fisdap, Michael Johnson, says, “We’re excited to bring the Fisdap education community convenient and affordable access to this great teaching resource. Students can use Medrills as a supplement for their textbooks to work on skill repetition. Educators can use Medrills in the classroom to demonstrate skills.”