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MedaPoint, The Toolkit Group Team to Support Emergency Medical Services

MedaPoint announced a partnership with The Toolkit Group to offer enhanced software solutions to emergency medical services. The partnership will integrate The Toolkit Group’s scheduling tool, certification tracking feature and forms management tool in to MedaPoint’s AdvanceDispatch software to allow dispatchers to run operations effortlessly.

“We’re excited to announce the integration between our product lines which will create a fully cohesive solution from Workforce Management through our Toolkit Product and to dispatch and billing through AdvanceDispatch and AdvanceClaim,” said The Toolkit Group’s Chief Operations Officer Brian Polackoff.

AdvanceDispatch is a leader in purpose-built, web-based dispatch emergency medical services software. The collaboration will provide AdvanceDispatch users with the tools they need to improve efficiencies. The scheduling tool can be utilized to schedule crews on a day-by-day basis, as well as schedule units for trips on a real-time basis. The certification tracking feature will help to ensure that all employees have all of the training and knowledge possible to do their jobs. Users will also have access to the forms management tool in order to keep run sheets online and on file, as well as any patient forms that need to be filled out.

The Toolkit Group is a premier company with a strategic focus in the public and private sectors offering a unique set of software tools within each of their web-based “Toolkits”.  With roots deeply entrenched in the public safety industry such as emergency medical services and fire, The Toolkit Group has continued to deliver complete workforce management solutions to its valued clients.

Founded in 2009 and based in Austin, Texas, MedaPoint is revolutionizing emergency medical services by delivering efficient, state-of-the art billing and dispatch solutions which are both affordable and accessible. Built on groundbreaking technology and dynamic vision, MedaPoint’s applications currently support more than 1,500 private and municipal emergency medical services providers.