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First Web-Based Fitness Program for EMTs is Launched

DAVIDSON, N.C.,–Fit Responder, in collaboration with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), announces the launch of Fit Responder, web-based and mobile fitness applications for use by EMT’s. The exercises and program are based on the Recommended Fitness Guidelines for EMS developed by NAEMT.

EMTs perform physical tasks that are likely to cause them injury–lifting, pulling and pushing. Over time, such actions can result in soft tissue injury and muscle pain. It is estimated that 70 percent of all EMT’s have sustained an injury in the past 6 months alone!  Fit Responder programs are created to prevent injury while improving fitness.

Fit Responder President and Founder Bryan Fass said, “We took our experience as emergency medical technicians, strength coaches, trainers and rehabilitation specialists and developed the first fitness program for EMS. An EMT’s life is mobile and so is our program.” “These exercises can be done on duty or off, with or without equipment, and are accessible on your computer or mobile device using android or Apple app’s.” Fass added.

Fit Responder offers more than 1,000 scientifically valid fitness programs, over 100 that are EMS-specific.  Exercise choices Include everything from bodyweight exercise to bodybuilding and sports conditioning to Job specific programs. guides a participant through each exercise with images, tips, video and audio-coaching. In addition, the program allows for logging and printing personal statistics–body measurements, and performance achievements—and for sharing that information on social media.

About Fit Responder
Fit Responder programs were created to reduce the rate and severity of injury to first responders, EMT’s, fire fighters, law enforcement and industrial employees. Employers can expect fewer OSHA recordable lost work days, higher morale, and a fit-for-duty workforce. Founder Bryan Fass, Davidson, N.C., possesses clinical knowledge, industry certifications and on-the-job experience as a paramedic.  Fass authored the Fit Responder Book; Fitness and Wellness Techniques for the Public Safety Professional. He speaks and teaches nationally for  public safety agencies and organizations and writes a for,, ems.1com and for the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s Tactical Branch. More information can be found at