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Meret’s IV MED PRO for Advanced Life Support Medics is Now Available from theEMSstore

Coatesville, PA (theEMSstore) October 3, 2014: theEMSstore equips professionals that depend on quick and efficient deployment of medical care during critical moments. The IV MED™ PRO can be deployed as a stand-alone bag or as a part of Meret’s OMNI PRO EMS Response Bag System. The IV MED™ PRO is so well designed it is being used by major metropolitan EMS teams and FIRE departments across the country.

The IV MED™ PRO was designed for advanced life support medics as both an IV start kit and a medications kit. Incorporating Meret’s OneView™ technology all main compartments open completely in front of first responder. Access is rapid and efficient thanks to large EZ-Pull pullers attached to oversized zippers.

The kit is designed to carry a variety of IV start needles, medications, tourniquets, vacutainers, alcohol prep swabs, tape, Tergaderm packages, up to 1000cc fluid bags or multiple smaller bags of IV solutions, catheters, syringes, and other IV start supplies. Elastic expansion bands and internal mesh compartments allow flexibility to arrange the components to your particular preferences and needs.

Constructed from water proof, durable, wipe-clean black tarpaulin, the IV MED™ PRO is built using materials that can be cleaned easily to remove blood borne pathogens. The bag is machine washable, and must drip dry only.

Transport of the bag is simple using durable carry handles, or it may be attached to the top inner panel of the OMNI PRO™ EMS Response Bag System. The OMNI PRO™ EMS Response Bag is also built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy medical care during critical moments and save lives. The smart design and versatility of the OMNI PRO™ EMS Response Bag System provides the ideal platform for the IV MED™ PRO, creating an overall organized solution for those who spend their lives saving lives. Visit theEMSstore today and place your order for the most user friendly first responder products from Meret.

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