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Hands On October 2014

Issue 10 and Volume 39.

Expanding Hemorrhage Control Sponges 

As we’ve seen over the years, many products we use in the field get their start with the military in the battlefield. The XStat from REVMEDX was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for battlefield use and should soon make its way into civilian EMS trauma kits. The syringe-like adapter injects a group of small sponges that rapidly expand in the wound cavity within 20 seconds of contact with blood, which allows for pressure to develop and help control hemorrhage. The XStat is designed for use in gunshot and shrapnel wounds, and is especially useful in junctional wounds in the groin and axilla where tourniquets aren’t as effective. The XStat is fast and easy to deploy, and each of the small sponges also contains an X-ray detectable marker.

XStat from REVMEDX


Price: Call for pricing 



Easy-to-Use Rugged Ventilator 

Unless you have a degree in respiratory therapy, you need a transport ventilator that’s easy to use, and if that ventilator is in the back of an ambulance, it better be rugged, too. The AHP300 Ventilator by Allied Health Products Inc. meets both of these challenges. It can be used for both invasive and noninvasive support of a range of patients, from an 11-pound infant to an adult. The user-friendly modes include programmable quick-start presets, (pressure or volume) A/CMV or SIMV, CPAP, noninvasive ventilation and BiPAP, which can be programmed in custom mode. Programmable presets quickly recall user-determined ventilation protocols. Built-in alarms provide warnings for potential situations such as high and low airway pressures, apnea, low source air and O2, as well as battery alerts. Built to withstand shock up to 100 g-force and storage temperatures of -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F, the AHP300 is ideal for transport use.

AHP300 Ventilator by Allied Health Products


Weight: 18.8 lbs.

Size: 13.3″ x 13.8″ x 5.3″

Battery: Sealed lead acid

Price: Call for pricing 



Kick-Start Your Day 

Call it what you will: Cup-o-Joe, morning jolt, caffeine infusion, energy mud or just plain, old wakeup juice, my morning cups of coffee aren’t a want; they’re a need. A brilliant paramedic noticed many of his colleagues relied on coffee to get through their day, and boom—Java Medic, an online gourmet coffee company with a healthcare and public safety theme, was born. The company offers roasts with fun titles such as CPR (Columbian premium roast), Trauma Mama (wild rum and caramel flavored) and Bradycardic Breakfast Blend. With categories like asystole decaffeinated, normal sinus medium roasts, tachycardia dark roasts, v tach espresso and v fib flavored, you’re sure to find a strength or flavor to fit your taste. Java Medic also offers coffee gift baskets such as the Crappy Day Bedpan basket or the Star of Life gift box; they’re certain to brighten anyone’s day. The coffee can be purchased in whole bean or ground.

Java Medic Java Medic



Size: 12 oz. or 20 oz. bags

Price: Varies, see website 



Security in Small Spaces 

Secure storage of controlled substances is a top priority for any EMS agency. However, secure storage doesn’t always equal quick access when it’s needed. The MedVault Mini from Knox Company solves these issues. Just like the larger MedVault, the MedVault Mini is made from heavy-duty aluminum. The stored medications can be quickly accessed by authorized personnel (each user having a unique PIN code) using the secure electronic keypad. Any vault activity is tracked including the time, date and PIN used to open it. This information can be downloaded with a USB or with the optional Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection. The Mini is perfect for an agency with smaller vehicles. It comes complete with Knox administrator software and a manual key override.

MedVault Mini from Knox Company


Size: 6.75″ x 9″ x 5.25″

Weight: 12 lbs.

Price: $995.00 



High-Quality Help for Hands-Only CPR 

We now know that hands-only CPR is effective in the lay rescuer setting. Teaching hands-only CPR is also easy, and people are more likely to attempt CPR if they only have to do compressions. However, it can be difficult for some people to achieve 100 compressions per minute and even harder to maintain the adequate depth (at least two inches over a long period of time). The CPR RsQ Assist is a Food and Drug Administration-approved disposable device used to perform compressions on patients as young as 8 years. Its design gives the user more leverage to incorporate the full strength of their upper body into every compression. CPR RsQ Assist is easy to use with audio and visual prompts that guide the rescuer through the process. A metronome as well as a flashing red LED light helps users keep compressions consistent, and the easy-to-grip, nonslip handles allow for comfortable control of the device.

 CPR RsQ Assist

 CPR RsQ Assist



Price: $70.50 by itself, $122.00 with wall cabinet 



Ballistics Protection & Medical Equipment Vest 

The Rescue Task Force Vest Kit by North American Rescue was designed for rescuers working in environments with risk of gunfire. This vest provides the wearer with the protection of a ballistics vest as well as the storage of all needed medical equipment to treat victims according to the tactical emergency casualty care guidelines. The ballistics material inside the vest can handle multiple hits; it captures the projectile and distributes the energy over the surface of the vest. The vest also has front and back pouches to allow for upgrading to hard-plate protection. The vest can be upgraded with an optional cummerbund-style side protection. The attached medical kit allows for hands-free carrying and easy access in situations that require immediate lifesaving wound care. Additional equipment can be attached to the vest. See the special JEMS Tactical Emergency Casualty Care supplement “When Time Matters Most: Care at active shooter & high threat incidents” at

Rescue Task Force Vest Kit by North American Rescue


Weight: 12 lbs.

Front and back area: 11″ x 17″

Price: $1,499.00