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REMSA Programs Helps Reduce Hospital Visits

(KTVN) – At the REMSA call center they field everything from major accidents to aches and pains and  bumps and bruises.

In the past, just about everyone would get a ride to the emergency room, but today if you have a non life-threatening ailment you may get patched through to the nurse hotline – where they will give you free health care advice. 24/7.

“Then at the end of the call we determine the level of care the patient needs, whether it be go the emergency room, if necessary send an ambulance, or go to urgent care, or stay home and talk to your physician the next day,” says Elaine Messerli, RN, 24 Hour Nurse Hotline.

REMSA received a $9.8 million federal grant two years ago to create the nurse hotline as well as specially-trained community health paramedics. They can better access the situation and determine if the patient needs transport to the er or a different facility, like less expensive urgent care saving you money.