Digital Supplement, Special Topics

September 2014 Supplement, Simulation Integration

A Commitment to Simulation

The National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) Board of Directors made a commitment to conduct a study to characterize the use of simulation in EMS education.  

Simulation-Based Assessment Facilitates Learning & Enhances Clinical Judgment

Paramedic education is challenged to find new ways in which to generate student experience, assess competence and ensure graduates meet industry requirements. 

Chicago Fire Department Expands Simulation Training Center Goals

The Chicago Fire Depratment operates a modern, robust simulation training center and offers courses deemed critical to highly demanding field operations. 

Paramedic Students Practice Triage & Patient Care in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

In May 2013, Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz College for EMS held its first EMS Olympics for students to showcase their research projects and participate in simulated MCI training exercises.