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Buckle Guards Now Available for EMT Stretcher Seatbelts

Tired of agitated patients opening their restraint buckles, endangering themselves and the EMS crew? McNaughton Incorporated, the makers of Buckle Guard Belt Buckle Cover, has a solution. They have teamed up with EMS providers, who needed a way to keep some patients safer while being transported on a stretcher. Buckle Guard was the solution.

Jason Luke, an EMT from North Memorial Ambulance in Minneapolis, says, “We were looking for a solution to make it more difficult for certain types of patients to unbuckle their restraints. The solution needed to be simple, cost effective and safe. Buckle Guard met all the requirements and worked with our existing restraint system.”

Typically, patients are strapped and buckled to the stretcher at the chest, lap, and ankles. Occasionally, patients will try to unbuckle themselves, and risk falling to the ground or floor, or endangering the EMS provider who is trying to help him or her. Buckle Guard Belt Buckle Cover adds that extra layer of protection by deterring them from opening the buckle.

Luke adds, “We will utilize the Buckle Guard for patients where there is a concern they may unbuckle the restraints on our stretchers. This could include patients with dementia, patients under the influence of chemicals or patients with behavioral issues. Most patients will not even notice when we use the Buckle Guard.” The release button is out of sight and mind.

Buckle Guard provides just enough of a challenge to delay patients from unbuckling the restraints on our stretcher for a crew member to intervene and keep the person safely secured. This helps keep both patients and crews safe. For additional information or to order Buckle Guard, go to:

According to recent statistics, 95% of EMT and paramedics report that they have had to restrain an uncontrollable patient. To read “Are You Prepared to Restrain an Agitated Patient” article, go to: