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Introducing Stat Slate

Stat Slate is an emergency medical informatics product for all first responders, EMT/paramedics, life flight, disaster response, military MASH facilities, wilderness medical practice, search and rescue, and industrial medical units.

Stat Slate is a lightweight (1oz.), 8.5″x 5.5″x1/8″ size material that may be recycled after one use or sterilized by autoclave for multiple uses. It is formatted front and back with specific and relevant categories and measures to be filled in by the first responder. There is a pen included to enter patient data; the data is not expunged by body fluid, rain or snow. Corrections can be made and the data removed using the alcohol pad included.

At the incident scene, the first responder is able to place an appropriate triage tag on the Slate in the slot provided for clear visibility; the tag can be easily replaced should the triage status of the patient change. Once the patient data is entered on the Slate, the data can transmitted electronically via an Ipad to the receiving hospital or clinic for personnel to make needed preparations.

Stat Slate provides: rapid triage assessment, attachment to patient, multiple patient identification/management, correctable data entry, data not removed by body fluids, rain or snow, Glasgow Score, facilitates diagnosis, electronic transmission of data to receiving hospital and may be single patient use or autoclaved. 

The wrist band allows entry of a patient number that corresponds to the number entered on the Slate for redundant patient identification and management. After the medical data is transmitted to the receiving hospital, the Slate is attached to the patient to further insure that the patient and the patient data are connected at all times.

Stat Slate is useful for an incident involving one patient and is incrementally useful for multiple injuries at the scene of an accident.

The Stat Slate is $12.95 with quantity discounts. Contact [email protected] for more information.