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New SWAT-T Orange Approved for Use

The SWAT-T Orange is being released by TEMS Solutions. The Rescue Orange is approved for EMS/Fire, outdoor enthusiasts and home usage. The SWAT-T Orange is approved for use by lay persons who have undergone the online training videos and read the packaging information.

While more highly visible, the SWAT-T Orange has success based off the same properties as the tactical black SWAT-T carried by officers, agents and service members at home and abroad. 

The tactical black SWAT-T has been research-proven and field tested since entering the market in 2009. When compared to the windlass Combat Application Tourniquet (the military gold standard tourniquet), the SWAT-T was found to operate at safer pressures and to be more effective. The SWAT-T is felt to be more intuitive, and easy to apply after minimal training (even in sensory deprived settings).

Its name describes how to use it: Stretch Wrap and Tuck. Additionally, the SWAT-T serves as a multi-function trauma care device; it can be used as a pressure dressing or all-purpose trauma wrap (similar to an ACE WrapTM).

The SWAT-T has demonstrated multiple saves, to include working canine, pediatric and high axilla injury where the strap/windlass tourniquets would not work. It can be found in active shooter kits in hospitals, along course routes for mass gatherings and as an everyday carry item by many law enforcement officers.