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Medapoint Announces Partnership with Tomtom Telematics, Streamlining the EMS Dispatch Process by Connecting Gps Location Services and Real-Time Dispatch Management

MedaPoint, a leading provider in EMS Billing and Dispatch software, announces the integration of MedaPoint’s AdvanceDispatch with TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET. The integration of the two products will provide EMS companies the ability to, in real-time, effectively manage dispatch scheduling, regardless of individual fleet location. The partnership sets a new standard in cloud-based efficiency through CAD and AVL integration, providing real-time dispatch management capabilities.

The EMS Industry is rapidly moving towards purpose-built software solutions that help EMS businesses scale without additional infrastructure costs and headcount.

“TomTom Telematics is the leader in GPS fleet tracking and have built a stellar track record for product innovation”, said John Dadey, CEO of MedaPoint. “With our industry-changing technology in EMS billing and dispatch software, this partnership aligns with our long term vision of empowering EMS providers with advanced technology.”

In addition to integrated, comprehensive healthcare reporting and insurance verification, the new partnership will provide smarter dispatch decisions and effortless fleet-wide communication.  Users are now able to efficiently manage dispatch and facility scheduling, ensuring that every journey is accounted for through precise unit tracking and timely transport arrival.

“Integrating dispatch and telematics systems improves efficiencies and lowers operating costs,” said Matt Gunzenhaeuser, Sales Director, TomTom Telematics.  “For the EMS industry, timing and efficiency takes on a new importance by improving the efficiency of pick-ups and drop-offs to ensure on time transports and service level agreements.”

Benefits of the partnership include:

•    100% web-based dispatch/scheduling software

•    Simple dispatch management using gps technology

•    Intuitive, user-friendly mobile interface

•    Integrates with advanceclaim billing system & any NEMSIS gold standard EPCR

•    Intelligent, front-end insurance verification

About MedaPoint

MedaPoint, Inc. is a leading provider of purpose built, web-based software solutions for the EMS market. MedaPoint’s products have revolutionized the healthcare industry by making efficient, state-of-the art technology affordable and accessible.  MedaPoint currently supports more than 1000 private and municipal emergency medical services providers.  More information can be found