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Medic Health Launches New Global Consulting Firm

Medic Health ( launches as a new international consulting firm designed to aid an underserved niche in the healthcare and out-of hospital care market. Founded by David M. Williams, Ph.D., a former paramedic, EMS system researcher, and faculty at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Medic Health partners with provider organizations, health systems, and communities to bring together evidenced-based practice, reliable design, and statistical process control to achieve the triple aim of improving patient access to the right care, enhancing patient experience and care quality, and reducing per capita cost.

Describing why he founded a new consulting practice, Chief Executive Dr. David M. Williams said: “The shift from episodic, hospital-based care to managing care in the community is requiring EMS providers and healthcare organizations to explore innovative ways to enable access, improve the quality of care, and do so in the most cost effective way. At the same time, local governments are grappling with providing reliable EMS service at the lowest burden to taxpayers. The will is there to improve and transform care delivery systems and what’s unique with our firm is that we partner to help them identify, plan, and execute on evidence-biased ideas to better serve their patients.”

-Helping care for and navigate patients more effectively in the community is important, here are just a few of the many reasons identified in the literature:

-Care delivery and outcomes vary widely by community across the globe (British Emergency Medical Journal, 2010; Resuscitation, 2012)

-Ambulance provider cost per transport vary as much as a 163% across the U.S. (U.S. Government Accountability Office, 2012)

-Nearly half of hospital admissions from the emergency department arrive by ambulance (Institute of Medicine, 2006)

-Flexibility in how EMS manages low-acuity patients could save Medicare and private insurers up to US $1 billion (Health Affairs, 2013)

Medic Health ( is an international consultancy supporting communities and organizations to assess, design, procure, and improve out-of-hospital care systems. The approach is patient and community centered, evidence-based, and data driven. The aim is to enable the highest quality care, operated at a reasonable cost and capable of evolving as government and healthcare environments transform. Dr. Williams is an internationally known consultant and researcher with 25 years of experience in EMS and healthcare.