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Digital Ally Launches FleetVu Manager

Digital Ally’s new, cost-effective cloud telematics and video storage system, called FleetVu Manager, offers fleet incident video management and reporting capabilities through an informative and user friendly interface that can be enhanced with future, customizable live asset tracking modules.

The cloud is simple to maintain, budget-friendly and provides off-site backup. Users can securely access data from anywhere with an internet connection on a variety of devices, whether desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. This lets you and your team operate in real-time regardless of location, increasing the overall efficiency of your business. It also upgrades automatically, allowing users to always utilize all the newest capabilities on the most current operating systems.

Not only for storage, FleetVu Manager provides an efficient interface that allows you to analyze fleet performance with automated driver behavior statistics and customizable reporting, access detailed driver and vehicle information, manage your Video Event Data Recorder equipment with wireless configuration and firmware updating as well as functionality checks, set alert triggers and geo-fencing, review incident video and causality data with interactive route maps and more to enhance driver safety, reduce maintenance and related expenses and improve performance.

Digital Ally’s Video Event Data Recorders improve visibility for safer vehicle backing up, exiting and operation while automatically recording a constant loop and/or individual incidents from up to 8 uniquely triggered cameras to supply proof against fraudulent claims for sizable litigation savings; a reduced number of incidents for vehicle damage, maintenance and insurance savings as well as employee safety benefits; GPS tracking for fuel savings; extensive data for customizable reports to identify risky behavior and exceptional drivers; and more.

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