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Responders Across America Participate in Beneficial Partnerships

Issue 6 and Volume 39.

  Healing Deliveries
In addition to providing lifesaving medical services, American Medical Response (AMR) San Diego is now healing in another way: delivering flowers. Through a partnership with the Forget Me Not Foundation, members of the AMR San Diego team are volunteering time and resources to moving donated flowers to nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities.

“The donated flowers from weddings, graduations and corporate events are disassembled and used to make bouquets to provide a floral therapy for residents,” says Bill Stone, Forget Me Not cofounder. “We’re delivering therapy materials that happen to be flowers.”

Stone says Forget Me Not couldn’t work without the partnership with AMR San Diego, which devotes ambulance space and the physical strength of staff members to deliver arrangements that can be heavy, delicate or perishable.

“The EMTs have an amazing heart for this,” Stone says. “I can’t say enough good things about them.”

On the other side of the partnership, AMR San Diego Operations Manager Mike Rice says, “Our work with Forget Me Not lines up with our organization’s mission; making a difference by caring for people in need.”

“This is a nontraditional approach to healing that puts us in a position of providing care in a proactive instead of reactive way,” Rice says.

We applaud the AMR San Diego team and the Forget Me Not Foundation for dedicating their time and resources to bringing healing to patients in new and beautiful ways.

  Internship Partnership
Prompt Ambulance Service of Indiana has partnered with Indiana University Northwest’s (IUN) School of Social Work to create a unique internship opportunity for students pursuing a master’s degree in social work. According to Prompt’s Director of Business Development Ron Donahue, the program developed out of an existing partnership between the ambulance service and the university.

“Social workers need a certain number of educational hours per year, so about two years ago we identified this need and partnered with IUN on a quarterly luncheon during which speakers talk about the newest trends in ICB-9 codes, and things like that,” Donahue said.

After two years of a successful partnership and co-hosting a conference together, Prompt and the university worked out plans for an internship to allow their social service students to learn more about prehospital care.

“We’re a private ambulance company so we do a lot of non-emergency work,” Donahue said. “We do a lot of work with nonprofits … so we thought this was a really cool fit for medical social workers that want to work in a hospital. They can see what it’s like in the patients’ homes before they get there.”

Angela Brown and Heather Mathews, the program’s first interns, say the program gives them a unique perspective on social work.

We give a thumbs up to Prompt Ambulance Service and IUN for creating what students at the university are calling a “hot site” for internship experience and expanding opportunities for tomorrow’s social workers.

 Off-Duty Save
Patrolling Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in late February, Randy Chow and James Li of the New York Police Department spotted two men entering a bus without paying the fare. The officers boarded the bus and got both suspects to exit. Unknown to either officer, one of the suspects was Rashaun Robinson, whose record includes six arrests and a drug warrant. Once Robinson was standing on Utica Ave., he ran, turning en route to fire three rounds. Rookie police officer Li returned fire and missed, but was shot in both legs. Officer Chow wasn’t hit and continued in pursuit of Robinson.

A number of good samaritans who witnessed Robinson fleeing the scene helped direct Chow and other officers to find and detain him.

While officers managed to apprehend Robinson less than a block away from the firefight, Li was still down on the sidewalk, in need of medical attention. Before EMS could arrive, two off-duty Fire Department City of New York EMTs, Khadija Hall and Shaun Alexander, and other bystanders rushed to assist the wounded officer and stayed with him until he was taken to Kings County Hospital.

In a press conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “The fact that citizens immediately came to the aid of a fallen officer … is something all New Yorkers should be proud of.”

We join Mayor de Blasio in applauding the bystanders who assisted in this incident, specifically EMTs Hall and Alexander for their willingness to step in, though off-duty, and provide medical addition to an officer in need.

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