Digital Supplement, Special Topics

March 2014 Supplement, EMS 10: Innovators of EMS 2013


Innovation & Progress

EMS 10 honorees paving the path for the future of EMS.

First Responder Recovery

Stopping PTSD before it starts.

Keeping It Simple & Small

Saving lives with efficacy and ease of use.

Less Lights & Sirens

Are we properly using lights and sirens?

Utilizing a Fatigue Matrix

Creating a matrix for safety.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Finding the right compression rate to improve survival.

Use the ARM

Sending medical care into the field.

Best Practices with Checklists

Have you ever missed a step?

A Musical Education

Have you ever heard a rap song about EMS?

Equipment & System Upgrade

Moving toward greater community care.

Improving Survival Rates

Finding an answer to cardiac arrest survival.