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Hands On Product Reviews March 2014

Issue 3 and Volume 39.

New Sternal Intraosseous Device 

Let’s face it, no matter how much experience you have or how good you think you are, IV access just isn’t possible in some patients. The ability to gain access to the circulatory system via the intraosseous (IO) route has no doubt saved countless lives. The FASTResponder Sternal IO Device from Pyng Medical is the next generation in sternal IO access. The FASTResponder gives the user vascular access in less than 10 seconds in patients ages 12 and older. It’s not spring-loaded, battery dependent or pneumatic. It relies only on operator force to insert the needle into the sternum at the manubrium. The automatic depth control mechanism prevents over-penetration. The infusion tube also flexes with the movement of the patients skin, which helps make sure the needle won’t be dislodged. The target foot and plastic dome cover adds further protection from infection.


Size: 4.4″ x 2.7″ x 6.6″

Weight: 4.8 oz. (packaged)

Price: $159.00  



One Amazing Light 

At 2,450 lumens—yes, 2,450 lumens—the TM15 Tiny Monster Rechargeable Flashlight/Searchlight from Tacprogear is the smallest and brightest rechargeable searchlight in the world. Made from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the TM15 is also HA III Military-grade hard-anodized and IPX-8 standard-grade waterproof at two meters. This light uses three CREE XM-LEDs and has a thermal protection circuit to prevent overheating. A patented single-button two-stage switch makes it very user friendly. The TM15 has an integrated power indicator light display for remaining battery power that can also show battery voltage. This light uses four 18650 li-ion or eight CR123 batteries but is capable of using one 18650 li-ion or two CR123 batteries in an emergency situation. The tail of the light is flat, allowing the TM15 to “tail stand” securely and safely.


Length: 158 mm

Head diameter: 60 mm

Tube diameter: 50 mm

Weight: 447 g (without battery)

Price: $373.95  


Pre-filled Amiodarone 

In an emergency situation, especially while running a cardiac arrest call, accuracy and efficiency are the highest priorities. However, there are several obstacles that can get in the way. One of the issues lies in your drug kit: Many drug vials look alike. As you become a “seasoned veteran” it seems that either the print on the vials is getting smaller or your arms are getting shorter. The new Amiodarone HCI Injection from Sagent Pharmaceuticals is a pre-filled 150 mg per 3 mL single dose of Amiodarone that comes in a full-color, easy-to-read package that makes it easy to quickly identify in your kit, bag or crash cart. The packaging is also barcoded and labeled on multiple sides with the drug name and strength. The syringe can be used with a needle or with the integrated Luer Lock, which is compatible with Clave Needlefree Connectors.


Quantity: Sold in packs of 10

Price: Call for price 


Innovative Femur Fracture Device 

After the United States Army evaluated and tested the military version of the Slishman Traction Splint from Rescue Essentials, the company has released the EMS version. This innovative traction splint incorporates a traction cord with an easy-grip red toggle and thumb screws for a quick, fail-safe application. It’s the only traction splint on the market that doesn’t extend past the end of the foot. It can be used on patients with lower leg amputations and can be applied bilaterally. The Slishman Traction Splint can be used on both adult and pediatric patients. The ankle strap is held in place by heavy-duty Velcro and the groin strap features a quick-connect attachment that adjusts by simply pulling on the strap after it’s been connected, much like a cot’s seat belt strap.


Weight: 21 oz.

Price: $180.00  



Rugged, Sealed EMS Case 

The RADEC (Rapid Deployment Equipment Case) Professional EMS Case by Seavival Systems is an equipment storage/jump kit that’s the result of nine years of product development. The case features customizable dividers so you can configure the interior to meet your service’s needs. The impact-resistant ABS polycarbonate with talc-filled polypropylene resin makes this case chemical resistant, and it can be cleaned in minutes. The case is lined with a Santoprene double-seal gasket that makes it waterproof, airtight and impervious to infectious fluids when sealed using the quarter-turn, lockable latch. A pressure equalization valve allows the case to be opened and closed at varying altitudes. The bottom of the case has non-skid feet and the top features stacking sockets for stable stacking of up to five cases. It’s ergonomically designed for easy carrying with one hand or by using the hands-free shoulder strap. When open, the lid is covered by a clear Lexan door with spring-loaded hinge and latch.


Size: 19.4″ L x 15.2″ W x 11.9″ H

Weight: 13 lbs.

Price: $278.00 


12-Lead ECG Training Poster 

After personally using the Rapid Cardiac Analysis Tool (R-CAT) for Arrhythmias Poster (seen in Hands On in May 2013) in my own classroom, I was excited to hear EKG Concepts had developed the R-CAT 12 for STEMI Poster. Like the arrhythmias poster, it can also be placed on any wall. Its adhesive is not only strong, but the poster is repositionable so you can move it when needed without damage to the wall. The poster shows proper limb placement, coronary circulation, the cardiac electrical conduction system and coronary circulation in relation to each of the 12 leads. Your students will also learn how to read the different characteristics of ischemia, injury and infarct and identify what area of the heart is being affected. The poster is also color coded. It can be written on again and again with any dry erase marker, giving students a hands-on learning experience.


Size: 24″ x 39″

Price: $96.00