Cardiac & Resuscitation, Patient Care

Photos: Responding to a Trauma Code in a Busy Intersection

Issue 1 and Volume 39.

Trauma Code
San Diego EMS and Fire-Rescue personnel attempt to resuscitate a trauma code in the middle of a busy La Jolla, Calif., intersection after a T-bone collision involving multiple vehicles. Resuscitation was able to be attempted on the driver of one of the vehicles because of the early arrival of SDFR crews on scene post arrest. The patient, an elderly man, was extricated quickly after vital signs were lost. He was pronounced at scene after resuscitative efforts were unsuccessful. His female passenger sustained serious injuries while the drivers of the other two impacted cars sustained only minor injuries. The driver of the offending vehicle, a physician, was unhurt and arrested for driving under intoxication.

San Diego Fire Rescue responds to trauma code