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Hands On December 2013

Issue 12 and Volume 38.

Fast Restraints on the Go (FROG) from Sensible Disaster Solutions Fast Restraints on the Go (FROG) from Sensible Disaster Solutions

Bus Conversion with No Modifications

If you’ve ever been a part of a mass casualty incident you know that one of the biggest logistical problems is how youre going to transport multiple patients in a short period of time. One solution is to borrow a school bus or similar vehicle. However, if you have multiple patients who need to be on a backboard or litter, transport becomes very difficult and unsafe. Fast Restraints on the Go (FROG) from Sensible Disaster Solutions are designed to be used in a disaster to handle this problem. This product is designed to secure a backboard in place on top of the bus or van seats. Depending on the size of the bus, you can safely transport four to 10 patients. The system comes in a pouch with a set of four harnesses.


Color: Red

Price: $200.00 per set of four harnesses 


 iBackFlip iBackFlip 

An Easy Way to Handle Your iPad

Many EMS agencies around the country are using iPads as their primary means of completing patient care reports in the field or for incident command. These tablets are more than capable of handling the technology aspects of electronic reporting. Drop one on a hard surface, however, and your service will probably need to purchase a new tablet. The iBackFlip from iBackFlip Studios turns your iPad into a mobile workstation. The over-the-shoulder sling style makes using your iPad a hands-free operation. The iPad can be positioned with the home button on either the left or the right and all of the iPad ports are easily accessible. There are two front storage pockets and an iPhone pocket on the shoulder strap. There are also two utility hooks and two stylus holders. The iBackPack is TSA and OSHA compliant.


Color: Red, gray, blue

Weight: 1.63 lbs.

Size: 1.5″ x 14″ x 10″

Price: $79.95 (slim); $89.95 (full) 


 5420-50 LED Inspectors Safety Glasses from SAS Safety

Let There Be Light

Whether you’re working on a repair, a project at home or rendering patient care in a poorly lit area, it’s often impossible to get a good source of light to help see what you’re doing. I know I’m not the only one to try the old flashlight- or pen light-in-the-mouth trick. Not only is it nearly impossible to direct the light where you need it, there’s a huge infection control issue. The 5420-50 LED Inspectors Safety Glasses from SAS Safety with built-in ultra-bright LED lights always direct light exactly where the wearer is looking. The high-impact polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant, anti-fog coated and also provide 99.9% UV protection. The glasses also feature non-slip nose pads and an on/ off switch for the lights. These glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard.


Color: Black

Batteries: LR 44 (included)

Price: $14.49 


Cyalume Technologies VisiPAD

Long Lasting Color Emitters

VisiPAD & VisiPAD IR (infrared) are the newest identification and marking emitters from Cyalume Technologies. These markers emit a color light similar to a glow stick. They’re ideal for use in search and rescue, room clearing, marking triage areas or evacuation routes, or identifying command officers. The pads are long lasting: 10 hours for the VisiPAD and eight hours for the VisiPAD IR. They’re waterproof, non-toxic, and lightweight. About the size of a smartphone, they store easily or can be carried in your pocket. You can write on the pads with a marker. They also feature a self-adhesive back that allows you to stick them to most surfaces or use the built-in holes to hang the pads from a wire.


Colors: Green, red, blue, yellow,

orange, infrared

Case: 25 pack

Case Size: 7″ x 4″ x 3″

Case Weight: 0.6 lbs.  


VSB Vacuum Immobilizer VSB Vacuum Immobilizer

Innovative Vacuum Immobilizer

There are many studies that show how spending long periods of time lying on a hard backboard can cause skin damage, especially in the elderly. Using a vacuum immobilization device can make it more comfortable for your patient. The VSB Vacuum Immobilizer from Conterra Inc. is one of the newest and most innovative vacuum immobilization devices on the market. It’s made with special polyethylene beads that don’t break down over time. The immobilizer is constructed with baffles that keep the beads in place; you will never have to move beads from one end to the other. The handles and straps are moveable and can be removed for easy cleaning. Another nice feature is the built-in pelvic binding system that can be quickly moved into place on those patients with a possible hip fracture. The system includes a hand/foot style pump with a fast, easy connecter.


Sizes: 6′ model (VSB1) for SAR and flight use,

7′ model (VSB2) for regular street use

Price: $750.00 (VSB1); $965.00 (VSB2);

$98.00 (storage case, long or cube)