Update on Glasgow Helicopter Crash

The Telegraph – Police Scotland’s Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick confirms that nine bodies have now been removed from the Clutha bar in Glasgow, where a police helicopter crashed on Friday.

A ninth body has been recovered after a police helicopter crashed into the roof of a busy pub – as the remains of the aircraft were removed from the building.

Three people on board the helicopter died when it landed on the Clutha Vaults in Glasgow as it returned from a police operation on Friday night. Six people inside the pub were killed.

The remains of the three-tonne Eurocopter have been removed in a painstaking operation which allowed emergency services to begin searching the area inside the bar.

Two private ambulances, escorted by Police Scotland outriders, left the scene of the tragedy an hour after the fuselage was winched out of the roof. Firefighters, ambulance staff and police officers formed a guard of honour and saluted as the vehicles passed by.

Pilot David Traill, 51, died, along with police officers Kirsty Nelis, 36, and Tony Collins, 43. Two of the victims who were inside the pub have been named as 48-year-old Gary Arthur from Paisley and Samuel McGhee, 56, from Glasgow.