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Hands On Product Reviews October 2013

Issue 10 and Volume 38.

Fast & Accurate Glucose Meter 

The Microdot Xtra from Cambridge Sensors USA is a new blood glucose monitoring system that features a large, easy-to-read display and requires no coding. The meter is fast and gives blood glucose test results in 10 seconds. The Microdot Xtra uses a small 0.6 µL drop of blood—compared to 2–10 µL required by other meters on the market—to obtain reliable, accurate results. Another nice feature of the Microdot Xtra is the strip eject button that provides safe disposal of used test strips. This meter has four programmable alarms; 500 tests can be stored in the memory; data can be downloaded to a PC; and it automatically shuts off after one minute of nonuse.

 Microdot Xtra from Cambridge Sensors USA

VITALS Battery: 3.0V CR2032 lithium ion Battery life: 1,500 tests Result range: 50–525 mg/dl Price: Test strips, $24.95 for 50 count (meter free with test strip purchase)  877-374-4062


Safely Move an O2 Tank 

It’s your service’s oxygen delivery day. You watch the delivery person move the large tanks with ease. He rolls each large tank on its edge in a perfectly straight line and places them exactly where you keep them stored. Now it’s your turn to move one of the tanks to your ambulance. It’s not a pretty picture: The tank has a mind of its own, it’s nearly impossible to lift, and you will be lucky not to smash your fingers or toes. The Oxygen Tank Lifter from Traffic Safety System is designed to assist in the moving and lifting of large compressed gas cylinders. The strong steel construction and large wheels allow you to move the tanks wherever you need them. Lifting the tank is easy with the hand crank winch and high-strength nylon strap. The lifter also features stabilizing legs that provide a firm base when lifting a tank into the ambulance.

Oxygen Tank Lifter from Traffic Safety System

Oxygen Tank Lifter from Traffic Safety System

VITALS Cylinder height: 33″ minimum Cylinder weight: 250 lbs. maximum Cylinder diameter: 7–10″ (12″ option available) Lifting height: 32″ maximum Tank lifter weight: 75 lbs. Price: $1098.00 888-531-5595


Look, No Hands! 

How many times have you been in the back of your ambulance bouncing down the road with a patient who is vomiting uncontrollably? You’re probably trying to catch the emesis in a small basin or bag and the patient isn’t able to do much to help you. Now you have to worry about exposure to whatever it is that person may have. The Barf Bib from The Barf Bib Company offers complete protection from vomit in the conscious or unconscious patient. The elastic neck opening allows for a quick, secure fit that is comfortable for the patient. The flip-up splash guard provides protection from projectile vomit, and the polyurethane inner liner provides a leak-resistant barrier that traps odors. The bag collects the emesis and keeps it off of you, your crew and your ambulance.

 Barf Bib from The Barf Bib Company  Barf Bib from The Barf Bib Company

VITALS Price: $2.50 each (1–250); $2.25 each (251–500); $2.00 each (501–1000); call for pricing (1,000+)  619-709-3892


Innovative Hemorrhage Control 

Time is of the essence when it comes to inguinal hemorrhage control. Although tourniquets have become a standard of care once again in the treatment of uncontrolled bleeding, they do have their limitations. The SAM Junctional Tourniquet (SJT) from SAM Medical is designed to control bleeding in injuries where you may not be able to use a tourniquet, such as a high leg amputation. This device features two target compression devices (TCDs). These TCDs are inflatable bladders that are pumped up with a blood pressure bulb-style hand pump. One TCD is placed near the injury (e.g., over the femoral artery) and pumped up until the bleeding is controlled or stopped. You can also use both TCDs to stop bleeding bilaterally. The SJT can be applied in less than 25 seconds. It can also be used to stabilize a pelvic fracture as it is a modified version of the SAM Pelvic Sling II (featured in the May JEMS Hands On column).

SAM Junctional Tourniquet (SJT) from SAM Medical

SAM Junctional Tourniquet (SJT) from SAM Medical

SAM Junctional Tourniquet (SJT) from SAM Medical

VITALS Weight: 1 lbs. 1 oz. Price: $349.00  800-818-4726


Helmet Mounted Light 

The 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO Helmet Lighting Kit from Streamlight is a low-cost light that mounts to most modern and traditional firefighting style helmets. The kit comes complete with the 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO flashlight, Streamlight Helmet Mount and Rubber Helmet Strap. The flashlight is a high-performance C4 LED that is intrinsically safe. The O-ring seal makes it dustproof and gives it a watertight enclosure. The light is also impact resistant up to three meters. The C4 LED light puts out 120 lumens and has a 50,000-hour life. The aluminum mounting bracket is extremely durable and attached to the brim of a firefighting helmet without any tools required. The Rubber Mounting Strap allows you to mount the lights to almost any style helmet or hard hat.

3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO Helmet Lighting Kit from Streamlight

3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO Helmet Lighting Kit from Streamlight

VITALS Size: Light, 7″ Weight: 7.5 oz. with batteries (included) Power: 3 AA batteries Price: $91.00  800-523-7488


Helmet Designed for EMS 

Whether you’re working on the scene of a rescue, stuck in tight places, or involved in a motor vehicle accident while responding in your ambulance, your health and safety should come first. The B2 EMT-1 Helmet from Head Pro Tech LLC is a protective helmet designed for the EMS professional. Made with the same technology found in auto racing helmets, this helmet protects you from head injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident as well as other dangerous situations you may have to work in. The B2 EMT-1 Helmet features a carbon Kevlar shell and an advanced F1 liner system. It protects the wearer from impacts and penetration and is DOT FMVSS 218 Certified. The helmet is lightweight and its low profile makes it easy to wear in tight situations without getting in your way while working on a patient. It also has a comfortable padded chin strap and polycarbonate visor.

B2 EMT-1 Helmet from Head Pro Tech LLC

VITALS Sizes: XXS (52 cm) to XXL (64 cm) Colors: Navy blue or royal blue Price: $199.95  800-959-7464