Mobile Integrated Healthcare, Rescue & Vehicle Extrication, Trauma

Driver Traps Foot in Construction Machinery

Issue 9 and Volume 38.

Members of the Fort Worth (Texas) Fire Department treat a male patient who trapped his right foot between the front bucket and the body of a small Bobcat front-end loader. When fire department responders arrived, the incident commander developed an action plan and divided the responders into two groups: an extrication team and an EMS team. The extrication team leader first secured the loader with cribbing to prevent movement during the extrication and then disconnected the hydraulic lines. The bucket of the Bobcat was then raised using a jack and the driver was extricated from his seat. Although his entrapment was significant, the patient only suffered fractures to his right tibia and fibula bones, but no spinal injuries. He was splinted, bandaged, immobilized in a position of comfort and transferred to a MedStar Mobile Healthcare ambulance for transport to the hospital.

EMS rescue bobcat driver with trapped foot