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Injured Missouri Medic Teaches Life Lessons

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.(KOLR) – A paramedic, seriously injured in a crash, was forced to regroup after learning he could no longer be an EMT. Two years ago, Nigel Holderby was taking a patient to a hospital when a dump truck slammed into his ambulance head on. Two people were killed, but Holderby survived. He needed many surgeries and his injuries prevented him from returning to work. But he decided he would take his experience as a medical trainer and turn that into teaching. He told OTC graduates during the commencement speech to “never stop learning.” “I see a lot of people with issues both physical and mental — just everything — and they think that keeps them from moving forward and trying other things and doing new things and I try to tell people that’s not the case. I tell them you can get out of your situation and move forward and education is the big way to do that.” Holderby made the dean’s list, became the Honor Society’s president and regional vice president. He plans to pursue a PhD in education.