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First Web-Based Dispatch Software Certified Platinum with ProQA

The integration of ProQA Paramount and AdvanceDispatch™ technology optimizes real-time technology, allowing for the most efficient and direct dispatch communication. “The innovation created by combining widely used ProQA technology and the AdvanceDispatch real-time solution will further break down the barriers of web-based communication,” says John Dadey, CEO and founder of MedaPoint. AdvanceDispatch™ is able to leverage key components of ProQA Paramount including, but not limited to:

• Key question sorting/filtering
• Key questions in a bulleted format (each question on its own line rather than being limited to a paragraph format)
• Passing of HAZMAT, CBRN, and Severe Respiratory Infection (SRI) symptoms/data for responders awareness
• Short answer text
• Pertinent alerting of the dispatcher to keep them apprised of the status of the call
• Pre-alerting for agencies that send units at the end of case entry rather than waiting for the dispatch point

These features allow for the quick and effective evaluation of the severity of a situation, enabling dispatchers to make the most informed decisions. AdvanceDispatch™ can capture any and all custom data from ProQA that the customer requires. “The development team at MedaPoint has done a great job of incorporating our comprehensive systems technology to complement the real-time technology of their products,” says Brett Williams, Priority Dispatch’s CAD Liaison and Implementation Specialist.