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Ambulance Showcase 2013

Issue 6 and Volume 38.

The gleaming ambulances that grace the EMS Today Conference & Exposition show floor are always a hit. The ones showcased during this year’s show in Washington, D.C., were no exception. They introduced many cool new interior and exterior features and clever, practical innovations, including increased safety measures, improved aerodynamics and fuel systems and better lighting.

We all know that safety inside a moving ambulance is paramount to EMS providers and their patients. This includes driving and handling of the vehicle itself, as well as the construction of the interior of the patient compartment and the position of the patient care seats. It also means making it easier to load and unload patients from the raised patient compartment, making cabinets easier to disinfect and adding lighting to chevrons for better visibility—all innovations you’ll find by flipping through the next pages.

We invite you to study the new innovations offered by these ambulance manufacturers and see how they can assist you during your next ambulance purchase in making your vehicle safer, more efficient and comfortable for your patients.

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