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Ferno Kicks Off 2013 with Immobilization Webcast

WILMINGTON, OH (January 24, 2013)— Ferno kicks off their 2013 Webcast Series with a 30 minute
Immobilization Webcast on January 30th at 2pm EST. Ferno’s Director of Training , Tom Cox ( NREMTP,
Ret.), will work with Wilmington Fire Department to demonstrate the proper usage of popular tools
such as the KED, Scoop, and Vacuum Mattress. Tom will discuss recent conversations on spinal clearing
at the scene, as well as other EMS trends. Tom will also be taking viewer questions and doing additional
demos as requested.

Other products that will be featured include: splints, traction splints, air splints, and cervical collars.

To register or learn more about Ferno webcasts visit or call 877.733.0911.

Ferno is recognized as the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of emergency patienthandling
equipment and exports to more than 100 countries.