VividTrac is a low cost single use video intubation device offered by Vivid Medical that supports a USB connection allowing the intubation procedure video to be viewed and recorded on a variety of computers without the need to purchase an expensive and proprietary display system.  VividTrac offers a paradigm shift in portability and availability for video intubation devices, especially in an EMS setting, where for the first time, an affordable high performance video intubation device can be utilized in all airway management cases.   VividTrac is a hyper-angulated, endotracheal tube (ETT) channeled device that is small, light weight, durable and requires no battery, yet offers a best-in-class video image quality for improved patient safety.  VividTrac can be returned for recycling.

Vivid Medical, Inc.

This video was filmed at the EMS Today Conference and Exposition in Washington, DC, March 2013.