Posted by docfilmrus on YouTube – Dramatic, Compelling, Forgotten Piece of Black History The Story of the Pioneers of Emergency Medical Services

In 1967 Pittsburgh, 25 Hardcore, Unemployed Blacks were trained to become the first Paramedics in the United States.

This is the official trailer for the Freedom House Feature Documentary. It is the story of amazing achievements by the lost and forgotten of the ghetto, they were given opportunities created during the civil rights movement of the sixties by socially conscious leaders from their community. These “unemployables” learned Emergency Medical Procedures that would save numerous lives. They were instrumental in the design of what is now our modern Mobile Intensive Care Units which are the standard for all Paramedic Units throughout the world.

Theirs is a triumphant story of great achievements, which were tragically stolen from them and hidden from history, Until Now!

For more information about this historical documentary. Please visit the Freedom House web site: or e-mail: [email protected]