Dog Shocked after Hampering Montana Paramedics

LIVINGSTON, Mont. — A Livingston police officer had to use a stun gun on a German shepherd that was preventing paramedics from entering the home of an unresponsive man.

The Livingston Enterprise reports the man was successfully treated, but one of the stun gun probes hit the dog’s eye, requiring its removal.

The dog’s owner called 911 at about 10 p.m. Wednesday to report he was having a medical emergency Livingston. Fire and Rescue Chief Jeff Schoenen says when paramedics arrived, the dog aggressively prevented them from entering the house.

Schoenen says a police officer climbed through a window and used a stun gun to subdue the dog.

Veterinarian Trevor Mc-Cormick says the 2-yearold female dog did not suffer any other permanent injuries.