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Venom of Black Mamba Snake — Better Painkiller than Morphine?

NICE, France — A new research states that the powerful venom of the black mamba snake could prove to be a better painkiller than morphine.

The researchers from the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology near Nice have come up with the claims based on their studies on the black mamba snake. The painkiller under question has been found to be as powerful as morphine but devoid of the side-effects associated with morphine. The black mamba is known to use neurotoxins to paralyze and kill animals. Also, the black mamba snake is the fastest and the most dangerous snakes in Africa. The researchers claim to be astonished with the painkilling aspect of the black mamba’s venom.

The experts claim to have analyzed venom from 50 species of snakes before finding the pain killing proteins of the black mamba snake called mambalgins. After testing the venom on mice, the experts observed that the effects were as strong as morphine, but the side-effects were conspicuous by their absence. The researchers believe that human trials for this analgesia would be positive as well. However, they say that they still need to carry out follow up studies on animals. Other independent researchers have termed this discovery as a remarkable step ahead.

The findings from the study are published in the journal Nature.