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GlobalMedic Loading Water Purification Units for Somalia and Yemen

GlobalMedic Rapid Response Team (RRT) volunteers is assembling 2000 AquaPur household water purification units and loading them onto separate seafreight containers destined for Somalia (Mogadishu) and Yemen. These water purification units will provide 14,000 internally displaced people (IDP’s) and refugees with clean drinking water for a one year period. In both countries, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected by various conflict, drought and food related crises, and are in need of clean drinking water to survive. These water purification units provide families with the ability to purify water at the household level, and are light enough that they can be easily moved with shifting populations.

To date, GlobalMedic has distributed over 9,000 AquaPur units benefiting families, health clinics and schools in Cambodia, Haiti, Japan, Kenya, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Somalia and South Sudan.