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Oshkosh Corporation Announces Shutdown of Medtec Ambulance

The Oshkosh Corporation has announced today that they will no longer continue with the manufacture of Medtec Ambulances beginning the first of 2013.

In a letter sent to their suppliers, Oshkosh stated that after an extensive review it has been decided to “discontinue the design, manufacture and sale of Medtec Ambulances and will be shutting down the Medtec operations.”

The shutdown is expected to occur on or before January 2013. Oshkosh stated that until that time the corporation will stop taking new orders and will work with dealers and customers to meet obligations and finalize production schedules. Fire apparatus manufacturing at their Bradenton plant will not be affected.

For nearly a year and a half since relocating Medtec operations to Florida, Oshkosh has invested many hours into improving efficiencies.  With their decision to close Medtec, Oshkosh looks to focus its attention on fire apparatus, aircraft rescue, command vehicles and other products.