Paramedic Allegedly Used Lights to Rebuke ‘Bad’ Driver

A paramedic wrongly turned on his blue flashing lights to pull over a woman — to tell her off for bad driving, a disciplinary hearing in Cardiff was told yesterday.

Uniformed ambulanceman Shaun Foster, 38, is accused of misusing the emergency lights to stop the woman driver for “cutting him up”.

Motorist Jennifer Singleton pulled over because she thought it was an ambulance service vehicle trying to get to a 999 call.

But the Health Professions Council hearing was told Mrs Singleton was shocked when Foster pulled up behind her, jumped out of his vehicle and began ticking her off about her driving.

Now Foster could be suspended from his job as a paramedic if he is found guilty of misconduct for wrongful use of the emergency signals.

Mrs Singleton is a nurse — and recognised Foster from his job as a paramedic with the Welsh Ambulance Trust. She issued a formal complaint about his behaviour. The hearing was told Foster was driving to work at his ambulance station in Wrexham, on Christmas Day in 2010 when he decided to use the blue flashing lights on his own private car.

Foster was suspended while ambulance chiefs carried into an investigation. The hearing continues.