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Enloe Ambulance Announces Partnership with First Responder

CHICO, Calif. — Faced with the possibility of outside ambulance companies going after the emergency medical transport contract in Butte County, Enloe Ambulance and First Responder EMS Inc. have announced a partnership.

The announcement came just days after Sierra-Sacramento Valley EMS, which administers ambulance contracts throughout California, said it would seek a single provider for two exclusive operating areas in Butte County, to begin May 1, 2013.

Enloe Director of Emergency Services Marty Marshall, said Enloe and First Responder have been in talks for months in anticipation to joining forces to keep the emergency medical transport business in Butte County.

According to a press release, First Responder CEO Byron Parsons said the name of the new company will be Butte County EMS, LLC.

It wasn’t immediately determined if ambulances will be repainted for the new company, or if a logo will be added signifying the partnership.

Marshall said a design for the joint venture logo and ambulance paint job has been approved.