Ferno Opened its New Customer Experience Center

 On January 9th, 2012 Ferno opened its new Customer Experience Center by hosting their managing directors from around the world for a ribbon cutting and group meeting. Directors and staff came from 18 different countries including Japan, Australia, Slovakia, and France. Ferno President Joe Bourgraf described the CEC as, “Ferno’s stage to the world, the backdrop and environment for the Ferno Group to engage its customers”. Joe was joined by his father and company founder Elroy, as well as his brothers Brian, and El-B for the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. Joe also took time to speak about what this means to the Ferno, and the launch of the NEW Ferno. He was quick to thank the entire staff for all of their efforts in bringing his dream to fruition.

The CEC is filled with environments and terrain from around the world to demonstrate any product. The CEC truly brings Ferno products and services to life. Upon first entering the CEC the you see an actual ambulance box. All of Ferno’s product lines are featured in the Customer Experience Center, including Mortuary, Military, Search and Rescue, and EMS. Now customers are able to meet with staff and experience equipment in real life situations without ever leaving the Ferno headquarters. The CEC is also wired to bring the virtual Ferno experience to customers anywhere in the world through Skype, live streaming video and webcasts. Ferno invites all of their customers to schedule a visit to the new CEC either live or virtually. Contact CEC coordinator Bev Hill at 937-382-1451 x1210 or [email protected] to schedule your Ferno experience today.