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Maryland Firefighters, Paramedics Honored for Unique Cardiac Rescue

CLINTON, Md. (WUSA) – A five-year-old girl who nearly died during an asthma attack November 28th thanked the three Prince George’s County firefighter/paramedics who’s quick action saved her life.

Christina Luckett handed out personalized plaques featuring her picture and photo to firefighter/medics Edward Scott, William Philpott and Clinton volunteer firefighter Ashley Butler as she met the rescuers inside the firehouse.

The trio also received Emergency Service Awards from Prince George’s County fire chief Marc. S. Bashoor.

The rescuers took the unusual step of racing Christina to Southern Maryland Hospital in their fire truck while performing CPR, rather than waiting a few extra minutes for an ambulance to arrive.  She had stopped breathing and had no pulse.

She was released from the hospital 3-days later and has fully recovered.

“Thank you!” Christina exclaimed before the formalities. “They helped me feel better.”