Product Announcements

OGSI Introduces New Remote Monitoring Option

Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI) of North Tonawanda, NY announces a new remote web-based monitoring option for its Oxygen Generators. OGSI is the first manufacturer in the industry to offer this option on small and fractional tonnage size oxygen plants. Customers taking advantage of this option will realize reduced maintenance and repair costs with the added benefit of factory support.

This option allows the service and engineering staff at OGSI to communicate directly with the control system of a machine at its point of use. This communication allows for troubleshooting and diagnosis of potential or existing problems with a system. This option allows you to view the actual touch screen in real time anywhere in the world that there is an internet connection. OGSI can remotely reprogram or upgrade your touch screen or control program from our factory without the need of a service call. Software to view and monitor the customer machine’s operation from any internet connected PC is also provided.

This addition to your OGSI system will provide you with years of dependable performance. It is perfect for remote locations and is used in conjunction with OGSI’s Touch Screen panel providing the highest level of service and capability available.